Tanya FLYER 2009

EUROPEAN PREMIERE: Three of Canada’s most provocative creative musicians with backgrounds in varied and complementary styles and traditions.

Tanya Tagaq, from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, has pioneered a contemporary form of Inuit throat singing, which is traditionally done by two women, so that it functions in solo and in unconventional collaborative settings. Tagaq has performed and recorded widely, but is perhaps best known for her work with Björk during concert tours and on the 2004 recording, Medúlla.

Jean Martin is an energetic and creative force in Toronto’s music scene as a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, engineer, and producer. Martin runs Barnyard Records which, in a short time, has become one of the leading creative music labels in North America and features recordings by, among many other groups, Barnyard Drama, a multifaceted collaboration that hinges around his highly sympathetic partnership with creative vocalist, Christine Duncan.

Vancouver violinist and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Zubot’s career is similarly varied, and includes performance, composition, and production for his independent record label, Drip Audio. He came to prominence in acoustic roots groups Zubot & Dawson and The Great Uncles of the Revolution, but is virtually unlimited stylistically as an instrumentalist. Like Martin and Tagaq, he brings the rare combination of extraordinary sensitivity, technical excellence, and radical imagination to this promising pan-Canadian creative music summit.

“Remember the old ad campaign for Memorex cassette tapes, with the guy in chair being blown away by the sound? You may wish to strap yourself in for the concert featured in this edition of The Signal, as you may have a similar experience. The concert features the improvising trio of Jean Martin, Jesse Zubot, and Tanya Tagaq. Their performance was a tour de force (literally). Tanya Tagaq led the trio in an incredibly powerful and emotional journey, featuring her trademark throat-singing. Sensual, primordial, beautiful, terrifying.” Laurie Brown – CBC Radio 2

Laurie Brown of the CBC aired an incredible performance of Tanya, along with Jesse Zubot and Jean Martin, at the Guelph Jazz Festival on her program The Signal last month and lucky for all of us who weren’t there it is available to stream online. For the full program visit:

Tanya Tagaq at London International Festival of Exploratory Music (LIFEM), Thursday, 05 November 09:

Inuk snow songs, ice folk and throat singing
19:45 – 20:30 Nive Nielsen (Greenland) Kings Place – Hall 1 Buy Tickets Here
21:00 – 21:45 Tanya Tagaq (Canada) Kings Place – Hall 1 Buy Tickets Here
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