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Tanya Tagaq

Tanya Tagaq on the Best Of 2009 (Chiz, Qu Junktions)

Chiz, from Qu Junktions, on his personal best of 2009: “Inuit throat singing, free jazz drums and electronics? Could have been a wrong turn… but TANYA TAGAQ at The Cube pinned us with one continuous 60min soundscape that was uncharted, raunchy, wild and breathtaking.” [youtube][/youtube] “What a great gig! I had never seen her before...

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Tanya Tagaq in London and Paris this November

EUROPEAN PREMIERE: Three of Canada’s most provocative creative musicians with backgrounds in varied and complementary styles and traditions. Tanya Tagaq, from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, has pioneered a contemporary form of Inuit throat singing, which is traditionally done by two women, so that it functions in solo and in unconventional collaborative settings. Tagaq has performed and...

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Tanya Tagaq reviewed by The Journal Of Music

“An unlikely, but intense, mix of Inuit throat singing and laptopery… Tagaq’s intense, immersive sonic poetry emerged as something peculiarly sui generis, not Inuit music nor purely experimental music as such, but rather a fertile, floating complexity typical of our modern audio culture… building upon the fluid eclecticism of Auk, Tagaq’s live performances revel in...

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