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Tanya Tagaq in London and Paris this November

EUROPEAN PREMIERE: Three of Canada’s most provocative creative musicians with backgrounds in varied and complementary styles and traditions. Tanya Tagaq, from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, has pioneered a contemporary form of Inuit throat singing, which is traditionally done by two women, so that it functions in solo and in unconventional collaborative settings. Tagaq has performed and...

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Music Beyond Labels – Exploring New Music From Japan Public Talk

> In recent years, a growing number of Japanese musicians have appeared on the UK music scene, performing at prestigious festivals, thanks in part to the enthusiasm of certain promoters. This recent popularity has been attributed to the uniqueness and versatility of Japanese music and musicians, appealing to the desire of music fans to experience...

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London International Festival of Exploratory Music: podcast 3

Here’s LIFEM’s third podcast… before, during and after the festival takes place – 04-07 Nov 09 – a series of monthly enhanced podcasts will be available for you to enjoy. They will include features such as interviews with the festival organisers and the artists taking place in the festival, latest news, exclusive music and much...

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Max Eastley, Victor Gama, Rafael Toral, Z’EV

» Saturday 05 September 2009 KINGS PLACE FESTIVAL Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG www.kingsplace.co.uk RED ORANGE presents four unique solos under the theme “New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments” You may have heard of gravikords, whirlies and pyrophones. Or about orbitones, spoon harps and bellowphones. Or even the long string instrument, the mouth...

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