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LIFEM on Full Moon Magazine (Czech Republic)

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LIFEM on Music Finland


LIFEM FM #2 on Resonance FM

LIFEM FM episode #2 on Resonance FM… you can listen to today’s show here (it will be repeated on Resonance FM on Tuesday, 2am)…

LIFEM FM episode #2 playlist:
1. Kimmo Pohjonen: “Earth Machine Music (Regenerator)”
2. Maria Kalaniemi & Timo Alakotila: “Åkerö”
3. Maria Kalaniemi & Timo Alakotila: “Koskaan Et Muuttua Saa”
4. Karen Tweed: “Lorraine – Mannen Utan Minne, Lovely Lorraine, Miss Hanoria (reprise)”
5. Kimmo Pohjonen: “Sarma”

Interview with Tsuumi Sound System

TSUUMI SOUND SYSTEM will be playing on 01 Nov 2013 at Kings Place, in London, as part of LIFEM.

Tsuumi Sound System are an urban folk music combo from Finland whose broad yet fresh sound presents the unusual combination of solid accordion, fiddles and bass on the one hand and bright, and airy sax, guitar, cittern and piano on the other.

LIFEM on Kings Place


LIFEM on World Music Central

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LIFEM on Music Finland

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LIFEM on Music Finland

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LIFEM on London Calling


LIFEM FM #1 on Resonance FM

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