1. Siga tis Maxairies Mix 2 Plastikes Karekles 3:30
  2. Hartino to Feggaraki Mix 1 Plastikes Karekles 5:12
  3. As Erxosoun gia Ligo Mix 1 Plastikes Karekles 3:41

An eclectic fusion of international and Greek musicians with roots from traditional Greek folk to classical and jazz. The group is known for their own arrangements of music by Theodorakis, Hadjidakis and Xarhakos featuring a fusion of classical string instruments with Greek traditional ones. They are also involved in the vibrant Rebetiko scene and have since 2011 set up the very popular “Rebet Asker, Greek Roots Series” at the Green Note, London, dedicated to the music of Rebetiko.

The group have appeared at performances and festivals in Greece and abroad. In the UK they have performed at Purcell Room, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Albert Hall, St David’s Hall as part of the Proms, Kings Place, as well as more intimate venues such as the Green Note, Vortex and the Forge, London.

The musicians of Plastikes Karekles are also the founding members of the Rebetiko Carnival, a festival with Rebetiko music at its heart, since 2014, that runs throughout the UK. They are dedicated to exposing this treasured music to as many people as possible.

A very important part of Plastikes Karekles work is also education and outreach work. This has taken them to not only mainstream schools, but also special needs homes, hospitals and prisons throughout the UK.



“Powerfully emotional, moving and involving” (Songlines magazine)

“Plastikes Karekles represent a culture of reinvention as defiant and hopeful as the music itself” (Songlines magazine)

“These Greek folk musicians wowed a captivated audience… they had people dancing in the aisles and evoked memories of sunnier climes” (Nottingham Press)


To Hasapaki


Ta Paidia Tou Peirea


To Gkarsoni, Hiotis


Hronia tora makria sou, Kazandzidis


To psomi einai sto trapezi, Theodorakis


Medley tis Kalinyhtias


Ta Kavourakia, Tsitsanis, 2016


Tis Tavernas To Roloi, Tsitsanis, 2016


Drapetsona, Theodorakis, Jamboree


Epitaphios, Theodorakis/Ritsos, The Forge


As Erhosoun Gia Ligo-Sougioul


Rebetiko Medley, Jamboree 2017


Ta Ziliarika Sou Matia – June 2016


On Tour, South West England, 2015

Plastikes Karekles

Rebetiko, Greek music