1. Still the Same Nive & The Deer Children 3:05
  2. Are You Ready Nive & The Deer Children 3:16
  3. Walking Nive & The Deer Children 4:11
  4. Tulugaq Nive & The Deer Children 3:40
  5. Happy Nive & The Deer Children 4:07
  6. Slip Nive & The Deer Children 3:37
  7. Wrong Nive & The Deer Children 3:11
  8. Human Nive & The Deer Children 2:52
  9. Space Song Nive & The Deer Children 3:46
  10. In My Head Nive & The Deer Children 3:01

Nive Nielsen and her band the Deer Children play original hummable folk melodies with a streak of vocal jazz, or cowboy ballads with an elfin side. Nive is a Greenlandic artist who travels the world playing shows everywhere from Europe to Asia, and the Americas.


If you got a team of the greatest children’s book writers in the world together, they couldn’t invent Greenlandic folk pop singer Nive Nielsen. In her case at least, band bios are simply stranger than fiction. A few facts about her: The first concert she ever played was for the queen of Denmark on national television; she acted in the Hollywood movie The New World starring Colin Farrell; and she actually is Inuit — well, Inuk — an indigenous Greenlander. Also, it’s daylight all summer where she lives.

A few more facts: She plays with her band called the Deer Children. She won an IMA independent music award in the US, worked with Howe Gelb and John Parish and friends from such indie royalty outfits as The Black Keys and Wolf Parade. Really, I’m not making it up. What’s even more surprising is that her fanciful back story is matched by her own ability to tell stories or sometimes just hint at them with her warm, reedy voice. Sometimes she sings out with and old-timey quaver; sometimes she sings in a soft, childlike murmur. The songs themselves are straight out of a storybook that never was. They could be from anywhere, and they are hard to place in time. They are hummable folk tunes on indie steroids with her international, very interesting group of musicians, to say the least. Her songs have a way of sticking in your mind — and not just because they were written by the only Greenlandic Inuit indie Band you can think of. Snow Songs? Inuit Indie? What ever it is, you have to check them out!


Nive Nielsen: writes the songs; sings, plays guitar and ukulele
The Deer Children:
Jan de Vroede: produces the songs, and plays whatever lies around mostly things with keys and strings.
Charles Lee Shapiro: guitar, banjo, saw and twang
Jeppe Skovbakke: bass and low end
Andrew Collberg: drums and such
Joe Novelli: slid’n swells, trumpet and guitar
Salik Parbst: horns and jangl’n things
Nicolaj Brandt: horns and jangl’n things



– winner of IMA independent music awards (popular vote) in USA in category indie/folk 2012
– crown prince couple’s stardust award (Denmark, biggest culture award)
– nominated for Nordic Music Price (2015)
– Nive Nielsen is Greenland’s culture ambassador
– Performances for various official and/or trade missions including Korea and Japan (with crown prince) and for various Denmark embassies
– Concerts for, among others, Queen of Denmark (several times); SXSW (top 5 acts to watch), Pop Montreal, Roskilde Festival, Iceland Airwaves, Green Man Festival, Secret Garden Party, Christiania Friday Rock, by:Larm, Colors of Ostrava, Fusion Festival, Urkult, Dranouter…
– Music in various films, among others, Nuummioq (Sundance, Berlin, Palm Springs etc)
– Collaborations with, among others, Howe Gelb, Eric Matthews, Patrick Carney, Ralph Carney, Teitur, Mum, Gambletron, Hangedup, Harris Newman, Wolf Parade, Sacri Cori, John Parish…



“Beautifully mesmerising” (Folk Radio)

“Feet First captures the experiences of a musician riding the crest of a massive wave of creative inspiration, and presents, in a series of musical chapters, more than a little about the life and times of one of northern Europe’s most unique and talented musicians.” (Folk Radio)

“An eclectic and refreshing collection of quirky compositions” (Gaffa)

“A sprawling album for people with a penchant for exuberant folk-pop in the alternative ballgame” (Gaffa)

“Magnificent, intimidating and beautiful” (Music For Lunch)

“Nive Nielsen makes folk interesting, with a hint of rock and grunge” (Fresh Beats)


To Psomi, Theodorakis


Are You Ready




Good For You




In My Head (Live)




Are You Ready


Still The Same (Live)