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Amira Kheir [Sudan]

Amira Kheir (Sudan)

ARTIST: Amira Kheir


GENRE: Sudani Jazz, Sudani Soul, Saharan Blues, Saharan Sufi

ABOUT: Hailed as the “Diva of the Sudanese desert” (Journal du Mali) Sudanese-Italian singer Amira Kheir has been enchanting audiences around the world with a sound inspired by traditional music from her homeland Sudan and anchored in experimental Jazz and Soul. The result is a unique style of ‘Sudani-Jazz’ that gives tasters of Sudan’s rich musical heritage of distinctive Saharan blues and Sufi music whilst being reflective of the artist’s key Jazz and Soul musical upbringing.

Described by Songlines as “bold and poetic… beautiful and fearless”, Amira’s music is a courageous statement through which all these influences come to life. Within this soudscape, East African rhythms blend with North African ambience and Jazz improvisation, through hints of Afro-Latin grooves and Neo-Soul, emerging as a soulful explosion of colour and expression. Amira’s music possesses within it ancient musical traditions, yet is delivered with a contemporary vibrancy reflective of London’s multicultural music scene.

Following the release of her critically acclaimed debut album “View From Somewhere” (Contro Cultura Music/Sterns Distribution, 2011) this accomplished vocalist has been steadily rising in the World music and Jazz circuits appearing on line and on air including in BBC 3′s ‘World on 3′, BBC World Service Network Africa, BBC Arabic and BBC Persia. She has performed internationally on some of the world’s biggest stages and festivals from the London Jazz Festival to the Festival Au Desert in Mali. 2013 saw Amira tour internationally with her Quartet as part of the ‘World Sessions’ Tour, as well as cross the bridge into film when she was commissioned to write and perform a live score for Ernst Lubitch’s landmark silent film “Sumurun” as part of the 2013 Bird’s Eye View Film Festival celebrating women in film.

As a young singer, musician and composer now residing in both Turin and London, Amira draws from her own multicultural background to create music that explores themes of home, belonging and transcendental spirituality. Her music is evocative of Northern Sudan’s desert landscape and celebrative of its ancient culture, but recognising of the world’s multitude realities and rooted in a desire to break all the boundaries used to keep people divided. It is anchored in a compelling call to come together irrespectively of our backgrounds to share our single human journey. Within Amira’s music is a universal message of peace, love and unity. This young artist is rapidly establishing herself as one of the new voices in African music.


“Bold and poetic… beautiful and fearless” (Songlines)

“A charming performer who’s captured her live sound well on this debut album” (The Independent)

“A stunning set infused with many influences but anchored in the sounds and identity of her homeland Sudan” (Fly Global Music)

“Amira Kheir sings from the heart and soul” (Inside World Music)

“A real global fusion that soothes and makes you want to move” (Afrilove)

“Amira Kheir’s mesmerising first album comes from a place of gritty determination and commitment by the artist to her art” (Pambazuka News)

“Une diva du désert est née!” (Journal du Mali)

“Kheir’s music possesses an identity that transcends geography… cerebral, unaffected, spontaneous, natural. A wonderful, outstandingly pure voice that creates a performance with an incredible impact.” (African Business Magazine)

“An engaging presence with a lovely honey ‘n’ spice voice” (fRoots)

“An intense and heartwarming performance. On stage she showed not only an engaging passion for music and her roots, but also an enlightened artistic talent that revealed itself through her voice and her songwriting.” (Rhythm Passport)


– “Alsahraa” (Contro Cultura Music/Sterns Distribution, 2014)
– “View From Somewhere” (Contro Cultura Music/Sterns Distribution, 2011)


– London International Festival of Exploratory Music (LIFEM), London, UK (2014)
– Musicport Festival, Whitby, UK (2014)
– Womad Festival, Charlton Park, UK (2014)
– Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival, Liverpool, UK (2014)
– Barbican Cinema – Live Score for Silent Film ‘Sumurun’, London, UK (2014)
– Street Style Festival, London, UK (2013)
– Shubbak Festival, London, UK (2013)
– British Film Institute – Live Score for Silent Film ‘Sumurun’, London, UK (2013)
– Korzo Theatre, Den Haag, The Netherlands (2013)
– Rabo Theatre, Hengelo, The Netherlands (2013)
– De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2013)
– Oosternpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands (2013)
– Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2013)
– Podium Mozaiek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2013)
– London Jazz Festival, London, UK (2012)
– London African Music Festival, London, UK (2012)
– Festival au Desert, Timbuktu, Mali (2012)
– National Theatre, London, UK (2011)
– Bloomsbury Festival, London, UK (2011)
– City Hall, London, UK (2011)


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Amira Kheir (Sudan)

Amira Kheir (Sudan)

Amira Kheir (Sudan)

Amira Kheir (Sudan)

Amira Kheir (Sudan)

Amira Kheir (Sudan)

Amira Kheir (Sudan)



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