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Tanya Tagaq on the Best Of 2009 (Chiz, Qu Junktions)

Chiz, from Qu Junktions, on his personal best of 2009:

“Inuit throat singing, free jazz drums and electronics? Could have been a wrong turn… but TANYA TAGAQ at The Cube pinned us with one continuous 60min soundscape that was uncharted, raunchy, wild and breathtaking.”

“What a great gig! I had never seen her before – the woman sat behind me warned me to expect something unusual. This turned out to be one the best performances I have seen in Bristol to date. No – one of the enexpectedly best I have seen .. anywhere! Thanks Tanya & band and thanks Andy for posting this video. Please come play again in the Cube.” (rspamders, on YouTube)